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Pig Post - Edition 2

Welcome to this weeks edition of Pig Post. (I tried to make an icon of Pigwidgeon to use especially for the news posts but I am new to icon making and so after 10 minutes I gave up in frustration. *grrrr*)

UPDATE: This gorgeous Pig Post icon was kindly made for me by weasleysangel! Isn't it cute?! Thank-you so so much!

General News:
1) We have 30 members! Please do take a banner from the Promo Post and promote the community anywhere you can. Eventually the activity here will get more people interested (*fingers crossed*)

2) Members, if you have an icon or graphics journal we can Affiliate. Just post at The New Affiliates Post.

3) If you have an open Awards post you will see that I have put it in the memories.

4) You will also notice in the memories some Font Guides. I personally am obsessed with fonts and have thousands of them (even boring ones). Since we have to use text in our icons I thought I would share with you my collection of guides. If you see any more, or in fact any other tutorials about icon making in general you can let me know at the Suggestions Post.

House Cup:
Regarding the race for the House Cup the Houses stand thus:

Gryffindor and Hufflepuff are in the lead with 15 points each
Slytherin is coming up fast with 11 points
Trailing at the back is Ravenclaw with 8 points

You can see it all at the Members Post. If you see any errors let me know please. Thanks ^_^

You must have seen my post (Your Input Needed) regarding expanding the focus of rweasley_chorus from just Ron to other characters.

My reasoning is that a) this would attract more members and b) the members would be more inclined to participate every week. Some members are all for branching out whilst others prefer to remain totally dedicated to Ron. Others are concerned about interfering with the spheres of the two sister groups, hpotter_chorus & hgranger_chorus.

Don't you sometimes think of a song and think "Oh that would be a great for a Cho icon"? Don't you want to sometimes make a Hagrid icon or a Slytherin House icon? Your views about this at Your Input Needed would be much appreciated. Thank-you. ^_^

New Affiliates:
The list of Affiliates was moved to The New Affiliates Post. I think this is more convenient for moderators.

fangirls_icons - the icon journal of member hazel_eyes_86. oooh lots of different fandoms here but I have to mention the HP icons pre Philosopher's Stone. My new icon is of Neville and Trevor as you can see. *is so much cuteness!* I have had a frog jump on my face before but my reaction was to keep my mouth shut!

magicaltrio - the icon journal of new member lelymarques. Some fabulous icons here and in the latest post some gorgeous ones of Rupert. Lovely!

darkhp_icontest: an icontest dedicated to the dark side of Harry's world. If you are a happy person they will have to smack you. hahah just kidding!

wizard_icontest: Each weekly challenge features 4 different contests so there is no way you can get bored!

snape_lims: If you love Snape get yourself over there and sign up so the fun can start. I'm a new icon maker myself so no doubt I will be out pretty soon but I am all for the Snapeness in the meantime.

icvotelove: A community to advertise for votes for your icontests. If you love to vote make this comm a regular stop.

disneych_lims run by member wizkid99: Sign ups are still open for this LIMS contest if you are mad about the Disney Channel

And there were a number of other non HP Affiliates so stop by the The New Affiliates Post because there may be something there you would like to join.

Banners for the Winners of Challenge 12:
(except allnightstand because she doesn't want one *sob*)

If you won a challenge previously, no matter how long ago it was and you never received a banner and would like one for your collection just let me know and I will make you one.
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